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  • The 2016 Wood Badge Reunion is set for October 29th - for more information please register online here!

    W3-55-16-2, Fall 2016:
    Orientation: August 20 (Attendance is Highly Recommended)
    Weekend One: September 16-18
    Weekend Two: October 7-9
    W3-55-16-2, 2016 Fall Course invitation Register Online


Welcome to our Wood Badge web site! We are two councils: Silcon Valley Monterey Bay (SVMBC), Pacific Skyline (PSC) in Northern California (near and around the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA) that have banded together to deliver the Wood Badge training program. This area is known as the South Coast Cluster of the Western Region, Area III.

In here you will find information about upcoming Wood Badge courses, activities, news, and other information that will be of help to you.

In the South Coast Cluster, Wood Badge is taught at Boulder Creek Scout Reservation

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