South Coast Cluster
Wood Badge Agreement

Definition: The South Coast Cluster shall be comprised of the Pacific Skyline and the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council.

Guidelines: The guidelines for the preparation and conduct of a Wood Badge course are to be the most recent edition published by the Boy Scout division of the National Council and outlined in the course syllabus and administrative guide.

Course Location: The South Coast Cluster Wood Badge course will be held within the available Boy Scout Camps owned by the member Councils.  All rules and regulations for the use of a council’s camp facility are those as stated by that council for all regular uses of their camp.  A fee will be paid to the Council owning the camp that was identified for use by a particular course as agreed upon by the respective council and the Cluster Committee.  The fee will be paid to that council within thirty (30) days of the last day of a course’s practical training.

Fees for Usage: Each course will pay to the member council the per night/per person camping rate for council/district events held at that member council’s camp.

Cluster Committee Definition: The Cluster Committee is to be made up of the following persons:  1) Council Scout Executive; 2) Council Training Chairperson; 3) Cluster Treasurer; 4) Council Wood Badge Coordinators (one from Pacific Skyline Council and two from Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council and 5) the most recent two past Course Directors, who must have completed their eighteen months after their course and 6) a representative from the Chinese American Scouting Association (CASA) in the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council.  The Committee is to be chaired by the Cluster Coordinator or another voting member of the Committee.  An agenda is to be published and circulated prior to each meeting and minutes are to be prepared and circulated following each meeting.  The Cluster committee will meet at least quarterly at the San Jose Service Center of the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council.  Each member of the Cluster Committee will have one vote.  The Cluster Coordinator will not have a vote except in situations where a vote is needed to break a tie.  All issues will be decided by majority vote No decisions may be concluded unless a quorum is present.  A quorum is at least five (5) voting members present with at least one representative from each member council.  No proxy votes will be accepted.  If a quorum is not present, the Cluster Coordinator will submit the items to be voted upon by email and accept an email vote in return.

Cluster Coordinator: The Cluster Committee is to be chaired by the Cluster Coordinator.  The Cluster Coordinator must have served as a Wood Badge Scoutmaster and will be selected at large from the member councils.  A majority of the Cluster Committee may select and change the Cluster Coordinator at any time.  The Cluster Coordinator will interface with the Area III Wood Badge Coordinator and communicate Area III policies to the member councils.

Cluster Treasurer: A Cluster Treasurer will be selected at large from the member councils.  A majority of the Cluster Committee may select and change the Cluster Treasurer at any time.  All funds for the courses, reunion, scholarship and trading post are maintained at Pacific Skyline Council.  The Cluster Treasurer will be responsible for acquiring each month from Pacific Skyline a Detailed Posting of all accounts from the beginning of each year to the present date.  The Cluster Treasurer will insure that each Course Director and Quartermaster receives a copy of their specific detail in order to verify receipt and disbursement of funds relative to the course.

Course Director Selection: The Course Director for a given year’s course shall be selected at large from candidates within the Cluster per the requirements in the Administrative Guide.  The selection shall be made by the Cluster Committee no later than the May meeting of the year preceding the year in which the cluster course is scheduled.  The selected Course Director is required to attend the Area III Training Conference for Wood Badge Course Directors prior to administering the course.  Careful consideration should be given by each voting member of the Cluster to the selection of the Course Director upon reviewing the Staff History spreadsheet detailing staff positions held.

Course Number: The course number of each Cluster Wood Badge course will reflect the council number of the Course Director selected, i.e. Pacific Skyline – 31 and Silicon Valley Monterey Bay – 55.

Selection of Wood Badge Staff: The requirements for Wood Badge staff eligibility are set forth in the Administration and Practical Training Guide.  Each member council must submit a list of Scouters for staff consideration to the Course Director in a timely fashion.  Each council’s list is to be approved by both the Council Training Chair and the Council Scout Executive.  The Course Director should make staff selections with consideration to the need for balance of staffing among the member councils.  The Course Director should consult with the Cluster Coordinator, member Council Coordinators and Scout Executives in selecting key leadership positions.  Final decisions for Wood Badge staff are the responsibility of the Course Director.

Course Financing: Each Wood Badge course is to be conducted in a fiscally responsible manner and the oversight of the course finances are the responsibility of each Course Director.  All monies for a cluster course are to be accepted, deposited and issued by the Pacific Skyline Council.  The council will maintain separate accounting for Wood Badge in a Custodial Account so as to differentiate the Wood Badge account from the Operating Fund. Surpluses in this account can be used for the good of Wood Badge, including equipment purchases, lowering future fees or covering shortages of previous courses.  The Pacific Skyline Council shall furnish an accounting of the Wood Badge monies at each schedule Wood Badge Cluster meeting at the request of the Cluster Treasurer.

Property/Equipment: The property of the Cluster is equally owned by all the member councils.  All decisions regarding purchase or disposition of property or equipment must be by majority vote of the Cluster Committee.  No one council has rights to any individual piece of property or equipment owned by the South Coast Wood Badge Cluster.  A status report of the Cluster equipment must be presented to the Cluster Coordinator at the completion of each course.

Dissolution of Cluster: Upon the dissolution of the South Coast Wood Badge Cluster, its assets remaining after payment of, or provision for payment of, all debts and liabilities of this organization, shall be distributed to each member council in equal dollar value to be used exclusively for the furtherance of the Boy Scouts of America.  Prior to any such dissolution, a discussion will be held at the next regularly scheduled Cluster Committee meeting.

Other Considerations: All other matters pertaining to Wood Badge are the responsibility of the Cluster Committee and should be in accordance with the training program of the National Council and the Wood Badge Administration of Practical Training Guide.


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