SCC Wood Badge Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the qualifications for taking Wood Badge?

A: You must be a registered member of the Boy Scout of America, have completed the basic training and outdoor skills training appropriate to your Scouting position, and submit a Annual Health and Medical Form.


Q: I’ve been a Scoutmaster for 5 years already. Do I have to take basic training before signing up for Wood Badge?

A: Yes. Wood Badge is a fast paced, advanced course that assumes a certain level of understanding of unit operations and terminology. In order to ensure a rewarding experience at Wood Badge, it is essential to have basic training first.


Q: Can Cub Scout Leaders, Varsity Scout Leaders and Venturing Leaders attend Wood Badge?

A: Yes. Wood Badge is open to qualified leaders in all program areas of Scouting.


Q: How much time will Wood Badge take?

A: The in-camp portion of Wood Badge training is spaced out over two three-day weekends (Friday morning - Sunday afternoon or Thursday morning - Saturday afternoon) with a mid-week patrol meeting. In addition, there is a half day orientation meeting about 30 days prior to the course and a full day follow-up final troop meeting about 90 days after the course. Wood Badge courses are also given in a week-long format, but only outside our cluster of councils.


Q: Can I miss any of the scheduled Wood Badge training dates?

A: No. Because so much information is presented in so short a period of time, attendance at each session is mandatory.


Q: When do I get my Wood Badge beads?

A: After taking the "practical phase" of Wood Badge at camp, there is an "application phase" where you apply the skills learned. After completing the goals you set for yourself (with a time limit of eighteen months following completion of the practical phase) you will receive the Wood Badge beads, neckerchief, and woggle.


Q: If I can’t attend the Wood Badge dates for our cluster, can I attend Wood Badge elsewhere?

A: Yes, as long as you meet the prerequisites and obtain the approval of your own council’s Scout Executive or Training Chairperson. Some councils hold a week-long course which might fit your schedule better than the two weekend course format that is offered in our cluster.


Q: When will the Wood Badge course be offered in my council?

A: Wood Badge training is offered every year in the Fall (and alternating years in Spring as well) to Scouting leaders in the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay and Pacific Skyline Councils. By mutual agreement, the course is held at Boulder Creek Scout Reservation in the Santa Cruz mountains. See the information on this year’s course(s) elsewhere in the website for the specific dates.


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